Get involved!

You can participate in Spectrum Strategies programs in various ways:

(1) Contact us if you are (or if you know) a family with a sibling, aged 8-16 years old, of a child with Autism to participate in our Spectrum Siblings project.

(2) Are you an experienced and certified dog trainer (or know someone who is) who is willing to donate dog training hours for families who participate in our Bravo PAL program? If so, we'd like to hear from you; Contact us
(3) Become a temporary "foster family": At times, there may be a delay in between when we need to pick up a dog from a shelter and when we have a suitable placement to match the dog with their new family (a family, interviewed and qualified through our program, with a child with Autism). During the interim period, we need "foster" homes for the dogs. There may also be times we need to remove a dog from a family and seek a re-match. Contact us if we can add you to our list of foster homes.